About Me

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Hi! I'm Lizzy, a 3D Animator based in the Netherlands. I have a burning passion for character animation, creating in-game cinematics and motion capture. Ever since starting my study at BUAS, I have been growing as a visual artist and improving my skills throughout multiple team-projects. I have 6 months of industry experience as a full-time Motion Capture Tech and 2+ years of industry experience in 3D animation. Scroll down to get to know what my full skillset entails!



3D Animation

I specialise in 3D keyframe animation in Autodesk Maya. Characters (biped) and quadrupeds are my forte.


Motion Capture

I love organising Motion Capture shoots, know how to handle the equipment and software well (both inertia and optical based). I also frequently act in the suit. I animate with MoCap data in Autodesk Motionbuilder.



I have great a passion for making animated shorts or in-game cinematics. I create them from scratch: storyboard to final product, whether that is in Unreal Engine 4 as a cutscene, or fully rendered in Maya.



I have worked in multiple teams over the course of the last few years. Each team was different than the other, and each project taught me more about how to be a valuable teammember and optimally contribute.


Problem Solver

Creative problems require creative solutions, and learning is something I deem valuable. I am always motivated to tackle difficult problems and come up with effective solutions.


Creative writing / Storyboarding

The fundament of my passion for cinematics is my creative writing skill. Having learnt to convert my writing into storyboards has helped me visualise and realise my cinematics better and faster.



As a videogame animator I know my way around implementing my animations. From blendspaces to animation and character blueprints.


Quick Learner

I love learning new things and diving into new challenges. I am motivated to keep expanding my skill and knowhow and learn from and with others.